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Every client is unique and deserves a unique service. Our philosophy is to put our clients first, to understand their situation and provide a first class service tailored to their specific needs. Our breadth of experience as accountants has led us to develop the traditional book-keeping, auditing and accounting services into innovative client-focused services that provide not only all the reliable background support you would expect from a professional firm but also forward-thinking advice on how to improve your situation. We offer the following:

Business Services:

Personal Services:

Restaurants & Catering

Our Restaurant and Catering Consultancy Division offers a wide variety of services to the restaurant and catering industry. Having been involved with restaurants for more than 40 years, we have been able to tailor a full menu of services to meet the needs of restaurants, hotels and other catering businesses.

Services provided for this industry are as follows:

Our Restaurant Sector Team

Our team comprises individuals who have extensive experience in the restaurant sector both operationally and as external consultants. The team is led by Mr. Hossain who has over 50 years experience in helping restaurant owners to grow and develop their businesses.


Whether owning one’s own home or buying property as part of an investment strategy, most of us come into contact one way or another with the property market. This is even more the case now, as conventional forms of pension saving are perceived to be unsatisfactory. Given the size of even the smallest purchase, the complications of arranging finance, and the enormous raft of tax legislation aimed at property transactions, expert advice is vital.

For many years, Hossain Moorehead have acted as advisers to developers, investors, dealers and property professionals such as surveyors, architects and agents. In more recent times, we have been asked to help those buying properties within their pension schemes, and clients entering the world of property for the first time through the ‘buy to let’ market.

Property Services include:

Structural Advice

We aim to ensure all our clients structure their business ventures in the way that suits their business best. Our services include:

Accounting and Reporting

We offer accounting and reporting options tailored to the needs of our property clients, including:

Other services